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Newt's Playing Cards Presents A New Fundraising Idea!
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Why Should Anyone Try a New Fundraising Idea?

Often times the most difficult part of any organization is getting the board or trustees to agree on any one thing.  Fundraising is no different.  Many times your group is burned out, tired and stretched to the max.  Trying something new just adds to the frustration and often times gets little or no results.  This is why getting your own deck of playing cards is not only a good idea for your group, but an easier endeavor for your board! 

Why is it easier?  We provide the know how and help to make your fundraising campaign a success.  We provide not only the expertise in getting a quality deck of playing cards for you, but the ability to raise the funds to pay for printing your deck.

Again, Over the past several years we all have seen playing cards take a HUGE resurgence in popularity.  From the Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Card deck to the latest craze of card playing including cards games like Texas Hold 'Em, Pinochle, Euchre, Canasta and many others.

So if your group hates "new ideas" then this fund raiser is probably not for you.  If however your organization is burned out on the same old thing why not try something different.  Get your own deck of cards which highlights your organization or group.  It will be loads of funs PLUS raise much needed funds.


Fundraising with playing cards can be very rewarding.  They provide fun for the community and education for all ages.
We also offer what we call "bell and whistles" you can add to your fund raising!

Some of the other things we do include a playing card tin to put your cards in, post cards and more.

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Fundraising is the term referring to the process of soliciting and gathering money by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Fundraising typically refers to the efforts to gather funds for non-profit organizations.

Here at Newt's Playing Cards we strive to help your organization raise funds in a fresh, new way.  It is also very easy to get those sponsors.

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Do you need to raise funds?

How Much Does Your Organization Need to Raise?
If you sell 1000 decks you can raise over $7,000

If you sell 5000 decks you can raise over $35,000

The choice is yours!

What will your excuse be?

Choose a

We help a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations.  Here are a few.
Historical Societies
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
Animal Sanctuaries
Covered Bridges

The options are endless!

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As Featured in Museums & More Magazine.

Sales of historical society's playing cards are "amazing!"
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You should always keep your goals for fundraising realistic.  Although we know and understand that playing cards are very popular, it still requires effort from your organization.  We have often tried to "wish" that the playing cards would sell, but without someone getting excited about the project and telling others the cards will just sit on a shelf.

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