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Newt's Playing Cards Presents A New Fundraising Idea!
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Are you tired of having the same old fundraisers?

Are you looking for a new and unique fundraiser?  Try our custom playing cards that feature photos or information of your organization.
Are you looking for a different type of  fundraiser?   Are you tired of fundraising ideas that don't do as well as you wish?  Please understand, we're not saying all other types of fundraisers are bad, we're just saying it's time for not only something that is fresh, but something that is VERY popular.  Something that crosses ALL age barriers without rotting out your teeth.  Something that can not only help raise much needed funds, but create an acute awareness of your organization.  Something that is both fun and educational.  Customized playing cards.

Over the past several years we all have seen playing cards take a HUGE resurgence in popularity.  From the Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Card deck to the latest craze of card playing including cards games like Texas Hold 'Em, Pinochle, Euchre, Canasta and many others.

This is your chance to not only catch the craze, but to create an awesome deck of cards for your non-profit...with little or no money out of your budget!

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Circleville Real Souvenir Playing Cards by Newt's Playing Cards
Do you have a special anniversary, season, or event coming up?  Why not create a collectible deck of playing cards for your local event?  It can be a local festival, carnival, fair or any type of event can be a great reason to create a piece of history for your organization.  Once you create the deck you can sell decks of cards you had made about either your community or event. 

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Our goal is to make your project as easy as possible!  We know and understand that non-profits are staffed by volunteers and employees...both of which are often over worked and have little time.
We not only give you an awesome deck of cards, but we work to make this fundraiser as easy as possible for you.  We provide the whole enchilada to make it flow smoothly.  The most difficult part is usually choosing which images or photographs you want to include in your deck of playing cards.

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Do your need to raise funds?
How Much Does Your Organization Need to Raise?
If you sell 1000 decks you can raise over $7,000

If you sell 5000 decks you can raise over $35,000

The choice is yours!

What will your excuse be?

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We help a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations.  Here are a few.
Historical Societies
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
Animal Sanctuaries
Covered Bridges

The options are endless!

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As Featured in Museums & More Magazine.

Sales of historical society's playing cards are "amazing!"
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We came up with the idea several years ago and have grown with it.  It is exciting to see how many groups have done a deck and how many more are working on it now.

Will you be next?

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